South Monomoy Island Day Trips

We offer day trips to Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, a 2,750-acre wilderness area off the coast of Chatham. These trips are done as Private Charters (we do not run scheduled trips and we do not mix and match parties).

Our new walking tours are be led by a naturalist and give you the opportunity to set foot on South Monomoy Island and walk out to the historic Monomoy Lighthouse.

While on the island you may have opportunities to view white-tail deer, owls, gray seals hauled out on the beach or many more of the island's residents.

The refuge is a birder’s paradise and depending on the season, there are sometimes thousands of nesting and migrating birds stopping off here.

Fees are flat rate for the boat:

Small vessel 1-6 passengers $420
Large vessel 7-12 passengers $840

(maximum of 12 visitors in a group on the island per USFWS regulations).

Please contact us for more information.


 For more information and reservations contact:

Capt. Keith Lincoln




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